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Highe Efficiency Gel Cation Exchange Resin, Specifically for Softenenig

  • Highe Efficiency Gel Cation Exchange Resin, Specifically for Softenenig
  • High Capicity Gel Cation Excahnge Resin, Wiitth Optimum Operating Capacities or With Exicellent Physical & Chemical Properties
  • Resin Maxroporous Strong Base Type-1 Anion Exchange Resin with Excellent Physical Chemical Stability & Ersistant To Organic Fouling
  • Tough Gel, Strong Base Type-1 Anion Exchange Resin, Excellent Physical & Chemical Properties.
  • Micropous Strong Base Type-II Anion Exchange Resin Having High Regeneration Efficiency & Resistance to Organic Fouling
  • High Efficient Durable Type-II,Strong Base Exchange Resin Having Excellent Operating Capicity & Regeneration Efficency At Equiplent Regeneration Level

  • Industrial & Domestic Water Softening
  • Na-Industrial & Domestic Softening At Relative Low Regeneration Costs & H-Based For Softening, Multiple & Mixed Bed, Demineralizatin, Chemical Processing Etc
  • Multiple Bed Deionization, Silica Remova
  • Multiple Mixbed ,Deionization Silica Remover, also Applied in Stream Purification Along With T-42.
  • Multiple Bed Deionization, Dealkalization
  • Beside Its Primary Application in Water Treatment It is also used in Dealkalization Process.

  • T-40 NA
  • T-42 NA / H
  • A-27 MP
  • A-36 MP
  • A-27 GEL
  • A-36 GEL

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