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Pressure Gauges

PRESSURE GAUGE Our team of dedicated professionals offers PRESSURE GAUGE of fine quality. It is used to measure pressure and is appreciated for its accurate readings. This gauge is precisely manufactured using high grade raw by the manufacturers and it is properly tested on its various parameters before its delivery. They are easy to use and are portable in nature. In addition to this, it can be customized as per the requirement of the clients.

Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges
  • MOC : SS 304
  • Diameter : 2 1/2"
  • Accuracy : +-2.5%
  • Connection Type : Back OR Bottom
  • Measuring Range : 0 - 7 Kg/cm2 OR 0 - 25 Kg/cm2
  • End Connection : 1/2" BSPT
  • Optimum results
  • Light weight
  • Easy to handle

Pen Type Meters

Models: Pen Type Conductivity Meter
Make:Eutech: EC Test Low (Waterproof ,0-1990 u S/cm ,10 u S/cm Least Count) Tdscan WP4 (Waterproof 0-19.90 m S/cm ,0.10 m S/cm

Pen Type TDS Meter
  • Make: HM:
  • TDS EZ (0-9990 PPM)
  • TDS 3 (O-9990 PPM With Temperature Display)
  • Make: EUTECH
  • TDSCAN-1(10-1990 PPM, Least Count10 Ppm)
  • ADSCAN-2(0.10-10.00PPT, Least Count 0.10 PPT)
Pen Type PH Meter
  • PH-600 ( 0-14)
  • Make: EUTECH
  • PH TEST-1 Water Proof ( 0-14)


Highe Efficiency Gel Cation Exchange Resin, Specifically for Softenenig

  • Highe Efficiency Gel Cation Exchange Resin, Specifically for Softenenig
  • High Capicity Gel Cation Excahnge Resin, Wiitth Optimum Operating Capacities or With Exicellent Physical & Chemical Properties
  • Resin Maxroporous Strong Base Type-1 Anion Exchange Resin with Excellent Physical Chemical Stability & Ersistant To Organic Fouling
  • Tough Gel, Strong Base Type-1 Anion Exchange Resin, Excellent Physical & Chemical Properties.
  • Micropous Strong Base Type-II Anion Exchange Resin Having High Regeneration Efficiency & Resistance to Organic Fouling
  • High Efficient Durable Type-II,Strong Base Exchange Resin Having Excellent Operating Capicity & Regeneration Efficency At Equiplent Regeneration Level
  • Industrial & Domestic Water Softening
  • Na-Industrial & Domestic Softening At Relative Low Regeneration Costs & H-Based For Softening, Multiple & Mixed Bed, Demineralizatin, Chemical Processing Etc
  • Multiple Bed Deionization, Silica Remova
  • Multiple Mixbed ,Deionization Silica Remover, also Applied in Stream Purification Along With T-42.
  • Multiple Bed Deionization, Dealkalization
  • Beside Its Primary Application in Water Treatment It is also used in Dealkalization Process.
  • T-40 NA
  • T-42 NA / H
  • A-27 MP
  • A-36 MP
  • A-27 GEL
  • A-36 GEL

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